A Frog Or A Good Relational Seller


images A Frog or a Good Relational Seller? The Choice is Yours!

We kiss a lot of frogs in this business, as I’m sure salespeople kiss their share too.
Every now and then one does their job right and turns out to be an effective relational sales person.

Here’s one that did.

Dear Mr. CIO On-Point,

We have a mutual friend, Jim BestGuyInTheWorld, and he sends his regards.
Jim and I have worked together for many years and he thought it would be a good idea to reach out to you regarding <project/service that you’ve worked with Jim on before> and see if I could provide any assistance.  Please let me know if you are available to get together to discuss this and I would like to offer my assistance if applicable.



Clue did a great job here.  Clue found a contact in common, Jim.  Clue checked in with Jim so that they could reference his referral.   Clue was sure to mention that Jim wasn’t just a one-night-stand contact;  Clue had worked with Jim and the relationship is solid.  Clue suggested value and invited a discussion.

A clean play.  No fouls.  Nicely done!   And more than that, a meeting is secured!

I look forward to having breakfast with Clue and Jim.
Yes, Clue is bringing Jim along.  Nice move to parlay Clue’s relationship on top of my existing relationship with Jim and build from there.  Clue is just knocking it out of the park before the game even starts.  I don’t know what it will lead to, but I’m looking forward to seeing my old friend Jim and getting to know Clue.

Try it.  You might like it.

Don’t be a Frog.
by Mr. CIO On-Point
Mr. CIO OnPoint currently serves as a CIO in the technology industry.   OnPoint comes from a long IT background, starting in end-user support and advancing through infrastructure, application, and consulting roles to CIO and cross-functional executive leadership.  OnPoint has served in companies of all sizes in a range of industries.  OnPoint is active in IT industry organizations, contributing thought leadership in the IT profession, advising emerging companies, and offering his expertise to support emerging IT leaders and youth pursuing careers in IT.  After being frustrated for years with ineffective sales approaches, OnPoint contributes case studies here to help salespeople be more effective at approaching CIO’s in a way that allows them to make their value proposition clear and start  meaningful mutually-beneficial relationships.    He also provides examples of what not to do.   Unfortunately these examples happen way too often.


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