Think About This When Leaving a Message

dont bother

Remember, You are not the only message I hearEvery week I get the same wonderful offer from vendors, an opportunity to learn. This week, as like every other week I had a dozen or so vendors leave me these generous messages. Some on voicemail, some on email and 90% of you leave a message in both places, with a second message letting me know that you left me a message in the first place.

Every one of these offers go like this:
“We would like come out and and hear about what initiatives you have going on? Learn about what you are working on, what are your top priorities? and figure out how we can help you.”

Ohhhh… This knowledge is for the vendor! And it includes the free opportunity for me to take my time to inform you, so you can then tell me how you can solve all of my problems. If I spent all my time doing this, that is all that I would ever do. These requests are all ignored. The only sessions that I’ll ever consider come as direct referrals from someone I know and respect.



As a CIO for 15+ years in both public and not for profit firms, some with a global focus and others with a national reach, I am an IT executive with strong business acumen who likes to engage actively in solving business problems.  I believe that we should tap our understanding of technology, and the data which underpins the business processes, and use that knowledge to create an exceptional customer experience which helps the company continue to improve its products and services.  Human capital management is a critical component of strong leadership and I am a proven leader who recruits and develops strong teams which work collaboratively across the entire value chain of the business.

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