Get The Deal Done By Doing This One Thing


As sales professionals, the power to close the sale sometimes depends on others. For most of us that have type A personalities- the fact that we must lean on or trust someone else to get the deal done is nauseating.
We like to be in control….
Well, as I have learned more than ever lately–Too Bad!!
It’s time to move on and get over it.  Embrace and ask for the help…

As our sales cycles become longer and the complexities of what we are selling become harder, we must lean on others to help make it happen.

In larger companies you have a team of resources.. USE THEM!!  I miss the days when a had SME’s at my disposal..  These folks can really help you close the business if prepared and put in the right situation.  It’s up to you to coach them.  For those of use in smaller companies with less resources we must get creative and do the extra homework to make sure we are prepared.  Not an easy task but it’s what we signed for.

As always I would love your thoughts and feedback.

Good Selling.







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