7 Simple Steps for Getting The Meeting

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7 Simple Steps for Getting the Meeting.   Some People Just Do It Right….. and it's Easy! We spend a lot of time talking about what doesn’t work. Here's an example of what works. And it's really so simple. Step One - approach, ask … [Continue reading]

Participation Pays Off


I met the guy who started this blog at a conference a few years back.   He was there to casually make contacts with CIOs and those in the tech industry.    He sponsored a dinner by getting a few friends together and asking them to bring a few … [Continue reading]

What are You Doing Today?


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Unsolicited Emails To CIO’s


Hi there everyone. I had two visits with CIO's today and asked them both about receiving unsolicited emails.  You can imagine the response...  Don't do it!!!!! CIO's of larger IT shops get 10-20 unsolicited emails and phone calls everyday. … [Continue reading]

The Invasion

The Invasion (take this to your leader!) Today, we will give the sales team a much-needed break from being the usual target (relax, enjoy!) and talk about managing the full team in an enterprise contract bidding and RFP process.  Let’s set the … [Continue reading]

Think About This When Leaving a Message

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Every week I get the same wonderful offer from vendors, an opportunity to learn. This week, as like every other week I had a dozen or so vendors leave me these generous messages. Some on voicemail, some on email and 90% of you leave a message in both … [Continue reading]

Do What You Must to get to the CIO

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At the office yesterday, a letter had been placed on my desk, nicely removed from it's envelope by my assistant. Everything on the envelope was handwritten, including the return address. It was all in a smooth flowing cursive; reminding me of my … [Continue reading]

Finding Some Common Ground


We have all been there... Stuck on sales call that is going downhill fast.. Your services are not a fit and you are squirming in your seat to find some common ground.. It happens. Usually I do my research and find out something about the person, I … [Continue reading]

Talking about Telling The Truth

Selling to The CIO

My inbox was recently graced with a well written cold pitch for a technology product that actually looked interesting to me so I gave it a full read.  This following line and its subtle peer pressure will sound all too familiar. “Our current … [Continue reading]

The Purchasing Folks


Lesson Learned We as sales people need to understand that we are not only selling to the CIO or IT today, but in many companies and organizations we are selling to purchasing.  The world has changed and purchasing good or bad pulls the purse … [Continue reading]