New Year’s Resolution: No Stalking

It’s a new year but some IT salespeople didn’t make effective selling one of their New Year’s resolutions.
Here are two stalking attacks I received so far this year:

“Hi Mr. CIO On-Point, I just dropped you an e-mail and I listened to your voice mail greeting and I am going to reach out to your assistant as you advised, but I just wanted to let you know that I am John from Helpful Consultants, Inc. and we have high caliber consultants ready to go.”
Is John getting a call or e-mail back?  Doubtful! One of my New Year’s resolutions was to reduce clutter.
In less than one minute I deleted that voice mail, the e-mail, and I told my assistant to ignore him. Clutter gone!

“Hi Mr. CIO On-Point, you may have missed my last e-mail, so I’m sending you this reminder to pop it back to the top of your In-Box. At Ship Your Gizmo, we have a full stock of IT equipment that we can get out to you today!  All I need is 10 minutes on your busy calendar so that we can discuss your needs.”   Truth be told, Ship had sent me at least five e-mails, one every few days.  I don’t need Ship to manage my In-Box.  I’m really good at it.  I see Ship’s name and I hit the Delete button.  Bye bye.

John from Helpful is certainly not being helpful.  Neither is Ship.   Both are stalkers, pure and simple.  I don’t know if it’s them or their employers, or both, who are at fault.  Certainly if you are rated by the number of calls made or the number of e-mails sent, you’ll just pummel my peers and me with these worthless approaches. As a wear-em-down salesperson, these tactics might land you a sale here and there, but they won’t build relationships. Both approaches are annoying to the target and mostly unproductive to the stalker.

Meaningful interactions lead to enduring business relationships. You get those interactions and relationships by networking your way to influential people.  There’s a ton written in this blog about how to do that.  If you are a stalker now, please work to become a relational seller.   If your employer is forcing you to stalk, go find an employer who values business relationships and allows you to take the time to build them.   Success comes to those with the relationships.
Just think about it…. when you need something, who do you call?  That’s right, someone you know AND like, not someone who bugs you!

Happy New Year!

Mr. CIO On-Point

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